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Phone features by Yoko Networks

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Auto attendant

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Answering Rules

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Call Forwarding

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Call Screening

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Dial-by-Name Directory

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Call Recording

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Do Not Disturb

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Find Me/Follow Me Call

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Call Logs

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Message Alerts

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Missed Call Notification

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Caller ID Control

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Music on Hold

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Cutting-Edge Phone Services

The wide variety of phone features available from Yoko Networks are proven to help businesses work more efficiently and economically. By choosing the features that are most important to you, you'll ensure that your business runs more smoothly and more productively.

Below is a list of our most high-demand phone features.  Read on to find out how they can transform your business today!


To know more about each feature

No matter when you need technical support, Yoko Networks is here for you.  Our expert, U.S.-based staff is waiting to help you 24/7 with any issue you encounter.

When a caller has to be on hold, the right music or message can enhance their experience or provide them with important information about your business.  Whether you want to entertain your caller or inform them, you’ll be able to offer them custom music or messages while they’re on hold.

You’re selling your brand with every business choice you make.  Your greeting is no exception.  With your greeting feature, you can professionally record a greeting that perfectly fits your image.

You’ll never miss an important message again with our highly functional voicemail system.

Managing your calls is a breeze when you have the right features.  Softphone allows for complete call management from any PC.

Whether you’re making a call or receiving one, we provide the caller ID tools you need.

Missing an important call can mean the difference between gaining and losing a customer.  With missed call notifications, you will be immediately notified when you miss a call so you can return it as quickly as possible.

With message alerts, any voice message you receive will be directed to your inbox.  It’s a great way to keep up on your calls when you can’t answer your phone.

When you need a record of your inbound and outbound calls, the call log feature will keep track for you.

Online conferences can easily become confusing if they aren’t properly set up, which can be frustrating to you and your clients alike.  The conferencing feature allows you to easily manage conferences that use VoIP services through a simple and straightforward process.

When you have business at hand, you don’t want to be disturbed.  The Do Not Disturb feature will temporarily prevent any distracting incoming calls to your phone.  Whether you are at a conference, lunch, or a meeting, you can simply turn on this feature and know you won’t be interrupted.  It also has the functionality to ignore callers, direct them to voicemail, or send them to a destination of your choice.

With find me/follow me call routing, you’ll never miss an important call again.  That’s because this high-tech routing system allows employees to create a list of several numbers where they can be found (office, cell phone, home phone, etc.).  When a call comes in, each of these lines will ring before the call is sent to voicemail. This feature is especially valuable to companies with mobile workers.

Keeping track of your business’s most important phone calls is essential.  Our call recording feature will allow you to do just that, so you never lose sight of an important call again.

The top Fortune 500 companies all have dial-by-name directories, allowing callers to connect directly with the party they want to speak with.  Through the dial-by-name directory feature, your business will have the professional feel and functionality of the systems that are used by the world’s top corporate entities.

The auto attendant feature gives your business the convenience and professionalism of an electronic receptionist.  With this feature, each and every person who calls your business will be able to choose an extension from an interactive menu.

Not only does this feature add a level of professionalism to your business, but it ensures that callers are properly connected to the party they need to speak to, which improves their user experience.

When you have employees at both local and remote offices, it’s essential that you have a way to easily connect them.  With extensions, you’ll create a flexible structure that will allow you to connect all of your employees, no matter where they are located across the globe.

Because you can add, edit, or remove extensions whenever you need to, you’ll always have the right network in place.

Flexibility is key with any phone system.  Our answering rules feature allows your phone system to work around any schedule.  This feature routes calls based on a variety of options and can be used with your company’s main number as well as any individual extensions or mailboxes.

No matter where you are when your business line rings, call forwarding will keep you connected.  The caller will never be notified that their call has been forwarded.  This feature is irreplaceable when you want the ability to be on-call 24/7.

Having the power to choose who can contact you can make your business more effective and productive.  With call screening, you’ll ensure that you don’t waste your time with unimportant calls.  This feature allows you to take calls from particular callers, block specific numbers, and send less urgent callers directly to voicemail.