About Us

Yoko Networks

In today's competitive global business environment, having access to cutting-edge technologies is essential.  We are committed to helping you take your company to the next level by providing you with a wide range of exceptional Voiceover IP (VoIP) services at a price you can afford. With our unlimited high-speed voice and video exchange systems, you'll be able to connect your company across the world and improve your productivity and efficiency in the process.

In addition to our VoIP services, we offer 24/7 service, repairs, network setup, troubleshooting, virus removal, and more.

An Experienced Team

Yoko Networks is dedicated to bringing our many years of industry experience to your business.  Whether you need networking and installation services, new computers, repairs, troubleshooting, or other services, our team has the expertise to create the ideal IT experience for you.

IT Service You Can Rely On

At Yoko Networks, we care about our customers.  We have successfully worked with many businesses across the globe.  Regardless of where you are located, you'll get personalized service and a customized system that is right for you.

The Best in VoIP

To make your business competitive, you need the latest technology.  And the latest in Voice over IP (VoIP) technology can bring your business to the cutting edge of your industry.

When you work with Yoko Networks, you'll have access to a VoIP system that gives you the power to connect your business while saving you money.  You will use Internet Protocol (IP) networks to deliver and receive voice communications, allowing your business to engage in unlimited, high-speed voice and video exchanges at a price you can afford.

Dedicated to Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

At Yoko Networks, your business is our business.  Our expert team is dedicated to providing VoIP and IT services for your small to medium-sized business.

Working with huge IT providers can often be frustrating because you don't get the level of custom service you need as a smaller business.  Our friendly experts are devoted to providing you with outstanding service, quality repairs, and a full range of IT services.  Because we are located in the Chicago Metropolitan area, we can provide fast service as soon as you need it.  You will always get timely, accurate service when you choose us!

At Yoko Networks, we know your business is your top priority.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Since I switched from a larger phone company last year to Yoko Networks, I have had excellent service at a lower price. The call quality is excellent and the dial-by-name directory makes my small company seem much larger and more professional to customers. I highly recommend them!

-James B. Company

As a small business, I need a phone system that is reliable, but I didn't want to break my budget paying for a regular system. VoIP from Yoko Networks gave me all the features I want at the right price!

-Howard W. TIM Auto

When I was working with a larger company, I had trouble getting the customer service I needed to keep my business running when there were VoIP issues. Since working with Yoko Networks, I have gotten fast service from a very knowledgeable and friendly team of professionals. I'll be working with them well into the future!

-Alex N, Loadaza Transport

I love having a local VoIP provider right in the Chicago area! Yoko Networks staff is on call 24 hours a day. They have fixed several major issues for me quickly and reliably. Excellent anti-virus and computer repair work!

Paul, Stream Line

If you're looking for an excellent VoIP system, Yoko Networks is a great choice. I have been a satisfied customer for the past 3 years. Great features and sound quality! Very helpful staff!

-Taylor R.